About Us


The St. Louis Food Truck Association (STLFTA) is a group of small business entrepreneurs who have set about changing the food landscape in St. Louis by providing a diverse and eclectic variety of high quality food from a mobile platform. Created in 2009, the STLFTA is the first and only food truck advocacy organization supporting the local food truck scene.

Members of the STLFTA came together in order to address some of the implications this new food concept will have on the St. Louis area including the assurance our continued growth and presence is a positive addition to the local economy, and to provide a source of information to ongoing discussions between food truck owners, food truck customers, our communities, local governments, and other groups who might interact with food trucks.


  • Provide a single arena for those who wish to discuss any/all aspects of the dynamic and evolving food truck industry in the St. Louis region.
  • Develop and plan St. Louis food truck events that are fun and exciting for the St. Louis Metropolitan region.
  • Mentor new food truck operators to become positive additions to the St. Louis community and food truck culinary movement.
  • Create a code of best practices and behavior for the local food trucks ensuring members are good neighbors within our communities.
  • Cooperatively work with local municipalities and governmental departments to review and develop codes, ordinances, procedures, which focuses on the safety of the public and fosters a positive business environment.
  • Create a system for addressing food truck issues that may arise and to develop fair and equitable solutions to those issues.